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Guaranteed Rental Income

We guarantee rental income. In addition, we conduct an in-depth analysis to ensure your property is adequately priced to maximize your profit. As a well-established company in the property management and housing industry, our property owners can rest assured that they will receive a steady stream of income for the duration of our lease.

Avoid Costly Tenant Turnover

We know the struggles you incur with tenant turnover. Advertising the property, screening potential tenants, cleaning and preparing the property for the new tenant, loss of rental income during the vacancy period, repairing all damage and wear and tear, and the time and effort required to handle the entire process. Let us Help.

Minimize Wear & Tear

Our landlords and building owners are impressed with how amazing their properties are maintained after 3–5-year leases. We value your investment equally and take pride in providing the best services to our clients. Our cleaning staff is hired directly by us. This enables us to have great quality control over your property ensuring daily service and maintenance inspections.

Security & Safety

  • We ensure all guests are screened and take all pre-emptive measures regarding safety and security.
  • Ring Video cameras are installed on each unit and monitored 24/7.
  • Noise monitors are installed in each unit which sends alerts when noise exceeds a certain dB level.
  • Smart locks are installed on each door as an extra measure of safety and security.

Why Us

Industry Knowledge

We have years of experience in managing properties both residential and commercial. Our team of experts include property managers, maintenance professionals, and administrative staff dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients.


Trust is a fundamental element in any successful business relationship. As a landlord, you need to know that you can trust a tenant to take care of your property and ensure that it is well-maintained while generating consistent rental income. Our entire business is built on YOU trusting US with your property. Our promise to you is to exceed expectations and build a long-lasting business relationship.

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